Big Announcement!

Hi everyone,

I have a quick announcement to make. I am changing my business and blog name. Now if I had been more familiar with how works, I would have been able to change this blog url directly to that without losing any followers. Unfortunately, I am still a relative newby when it comes to blogging and I didn’t do things correctly. That can’t be fixed now.

So I am asking that if you have liked what I have been sharing here, please visit and follow my new blog The Friendly Yeti. This blog will remain intact so that people can find their way to my new site, but I will no longer be updating it here.

You can read all about why I have made the change and what it means for my business over on the new blog! Thank you so much for your support. I read each and every one of your comments and I love hearing what you have to say. I hope you follow me at my new blog, where I will continue to share my crochet toys and random musings. Click on the image below to go to the new site.




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