Ravellenics Week One

I got off to a slow start with my Ravellenics projects, but I am quickly catching up now. I traveled for the weekend, so didn’t get as much crocheting done as I would have liked. I managed to work on my snail, though, and I love the result! 

amazing snail side three quarter viewMy only wish is that the yarn was brighter and more colorful. I suspect that was the same problem I had when making the wrist warmers and why I didn’t continue with that project.

Originally, I was going to make the snail’s body brown, but then I noticed a lot of grey tones in the shell color, so I went with grey instead. It works well, especially with the purples running through the shell. The pattern for the snail is Freshstitches Martin the Snail, with a little bit of customization on the shell.

amazing snail sideI also finished up my niece’s Tinkerbell doll today. The leaves on the skirt were not laying as nicely as I wanted, so I lightly steam-ironed the back of each leaf. Ironing acrylic yarn is precarious, and I must have held my breath the entire time, afraid that I would melt the yarn. Everything worked out perfectly! This doll is based off another Freshstitches pattern.

doll like me green fairy front doll like me green fairy three quarter view doll like me green fairy feet doll like me green fairy close up doll like me green fairy back

Next time I make the wings, I’m going to use a sparkly yarn. That would look good for the outfit too!

These dolls are time consuming to make, but I love them so much. Each doll has such different character and personality!

That’s all I have so far. Next up I will be finishing up the blue teddy bear, and then hopefully I’ll have something new to share with you!

Thanks for stopping by.


5 responses to “Ravellenics Week One

  1. Nice! Did you do two rows of sc on the bottom of the snail for the footprint? It looks bigger and sturdier than mine turned out


    • Yes, I did two rows, per the instructions, but this time I went deliberately wider around the bottom of the snail. The first two times I made this pattern, it was also a bit wobbly. This one turned out much better!


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